About us

As a global supplier we offer high quality and innovative corporate apparel.

Technics Official Merchandise

All products were planned and released by Alpha Collections GmbH under a contract with Panasonic Corporation.
Technics is the brand name and registered trademark of Panasonic Corporation.

Our CSR philosophy

Sense of responsibility
The Technics Collection and its products stand for a responsible use of man and nature. The materials used fulfil the highest standards of sustainability, quality and durability. With our "Lifetime Repair Philosophy", we assume responsibility for the products we develop while ensuring that they have a long life cycle.

Organic cotton
The Technics collection uses only cotton from ecologically controlled cultivation and fair trade.

The Paltex nylon material has been tested to ecological standards and follows the important EHS principle: Environmental, Health and Safety. The long-lasting ripstop material is using an environmentally-friendly digital printing technique.

Weatherproof cotton
The water-resistant material is made uses 100% cotton from ecologically controlled cultivation and fair trade. The fabric gets its weatherproof property, through the use of particularly long-staple cotton fibers and a dense weaving technique. The result is a weatherproof material with excellent breathability without the use of PFC in the environmentally friendly digital printing process

Printing paste
The Technics Collection exclusively uses water-based printing pastes for its organic cotton products.

Working conditions
For our Technics Collection we exclusively work with small and medium-sized garment manufacturers who care about the well-being and fair payment of their employees and that adhere to the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) Code of Conduct and make it the basis of all their operations. Our long-standing business relationship with all our suppliers is based on mutual respect and trust.